Mana Foundation

Fundación El Maná is a non-profit NGO founded on November 8, 1989.

Non-residential Part-Time ICBF and Social Protection Secretariat.

We transform lives, supporting dreams.

More than 30 years working in the areas of Health, Psychology, Social Work, Participation and Education, so that each child and adolescent receives professional support and attention based on their individual needs.

Areas of Attention

From the non-residential part-time ICBF program, we serve children and adolescents between six (6) and seventeen (17) years of age, extending to their family of origin and community in a situation of vulnerability.

In Fundación El Maná we work for the reestablishment of the rights to Health, Food, Education, Vocational and Occupational Training, Art and Culture, Recreation, Sports and Work in Values.

Through the areas of Health, Social Work, Participation and Education, we develop a comprehensive and multidisciplinary work with professionals in psychology, nutrition and dietetics, social work, undergraduate and pedagogy.

In the non-residential part-time ICBF program, children and adolescents are attended for four hours from Monday to Friday, in a space that is the opposite of the school. During the day, meals are provided (breakfast and lunch, or lunch and snack, as appropriate), and participation in various programs and institutional projects, such as:

Music, dance and theater workshops.
Choir and Flute.
Technology and systems education.
Academic reinforcement.


For more than 30 years we have left our mark in the love and service of hundreds of people. As a great Family we invite you to come back and relive the millions of stories of your time at Fundación El Maná

We encourage you to continue being part of our wonderful Family. Remember that together we can recover the joy of life of hundreds of children and adolescents!

Maná Colombia Foundation

The Maná Colombia Foundation INC is a non-profit organization created in the United States, in Florida, on December 26, 2000, as an extension of the El Maná Foundation of La Ceja del Tambo, Antioquia, in Colombia.

You can support the dreams of hundreds of children and adolescents from abroad:
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