Mana Foundation

Fundación El Maná is a non-profit NGO founded on November 8, 1989.

We do it with love

We recover the joy of living of our children and adolescents, of the Eastern antioquia.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit NGO that since November 8, 1989 we work tirelessly in La Ceja del Tambo, under the values of Love and Serve.


Fundación El Maná seeks to recover the joy of living of children and adolescents in eastern Antioquia, through a comprehensive model of social care that promotes and protects rights, strengthens values and expands awareness and belief in God.


By the year 2025, Fundación El Maná will be an institution that rebuilds the social fabric of the families of the population served, through comprehensive care and recovery of family values, achieving local, national and international recognition.


Every action led by Fundación El Maná finds its basis in spirituality and has its golden key in the principle of life: “Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself”, the reason to be of all the processes that are undertaken with it, in it and from it. All beings are called to love and help one another, spiritually and materially, to achieve happiness, wisdom and love, which form the perfection of every being, to achieve the construction and realization of their respective life projects, their personal growth and a harmonious life in community.

It recognizes in every being the particular and communitarian history, promotes the search for dimensions to which every man belongs in the universal, planetary and individual, that is why it has taken as a reference point for all action, the following text of the KOBDA wisdom:

“You are an inhabitant of a small star that spins incessantly in the wide immensity, among millions of millions of stars greater and lesser than the one you inhabit. Such an immeasurable universe has been emerging in different ages, cycles or epochs, from the Eternal Divine Energy that encloses in Itself three powers: Creator, Preserver and Renovator.  These three powers form the Divine Triad enclosed in the Mother Soul of all that exists and will exist. It is in the Supreme Maker, the Most High, the Eternal, in whom all things begin and in whom they are recast and end. Worship this greatness, brother, and worship nothing else.

Many beings inhabit like you this floating star that we call Earth and we are all obliged to be interested in the room that in the concert of worlds and humanities, has been assigned to us. And we are all obliged to love and help each other spiritually and materially, to achieve the Happiness, Wisdom and Love that form the perfection of every being.

Happiness, Wisdom and Love being the triad that constitutes the perfection of every being, you must devote yourself with unparalleled care to attain these values. 

Happiness is achieved through perfect harmony between you and all beings that immediately surround you. 

Harmony is the fruit of the delicacy of thoughts, words, actions and the benevolence of the heart.

Wisdom is achieved through the study of the eternal laws that you see governing the vast universe and through the meditation or concentration of your spiritual faculties towards your inner self, so that, reaching the knowledge of yourself, you annihilate your imperfections and can thus achieve the intimate union with the Mother Soul of all that exists. Once this is achieved, wisdom is within you.

And you will attain perfect and Divine Love when, purified of your bad habits, you have learned not to desire, nor seek, nor want, but that which is happiness, wisdom and love for all beings around you”.

The human being is a Divine Being who has lost the memory of the original intention for which he was created and the Foundation, aware of such a high need, pours its energies into plans, programs and projects that allow the human being to recover this memory.

Our history

Fundación El Maná is a non-profit organization that arises from the dream of the doctor José Humberto Gallego Franco who, afflicted by the social situation of the time in La Ceja del Tambo, gathers sensitive people to work together for the children of the municipality. The Foundation was born on November 8, 1989 as the materialization of this great dream. 

In 1990, installed in a place lent by the Red Cross of La Ceja El Maná began as a school restaurant with 25 children from the most disadvantaged sectors of the municipality.

After two years of activities, it was able to obtain its own headquarters. The same space currently provides food and educational activities for 100 children and adolescents.

Our projects

Non-residential Part Time ICBF

Together we can add color to the dreams of our children.

Maná Fútbol Club

Support sport and childhood. 


We are a big family that has been loving and serving others for more than 30 years.

Mana Colombia Foundation

You can support the dreams of our children and adolescents from abroad. 

Remember is to live

Let’s color the memories of these more than 30 years of love and service and relive our journey together!